Queen’s hotel, bar & kitchen not only offers the perfect location for relaxation, but invites you to explore the beautiful island as well. You can enjoy many activities and excursions on Saba on water and on land. Whether you choose to join an excursion, or make use of the resort’s facilities, we strive to ensure your experiences will be truly unique and unforgettable.

Diving package

Saba is very well known by scuba divers especially because of the famous pinnacles. 5 seamounts which were formed by past volcanic activity. The pinnacles are found just a short boat ride from the islands main reef. Because of their depths (start at 28 meter/90 feet) you will find a lot of groupers, turtles, lobsters, frogfish, shrimps etc. Also various pelagics: sharks, manta rays and jacks. Of course there are plenty of diving options for beginners as well. Take a look at our Diving Package or send us a mail for a tailor made package.


Honeymoon package

For a truly romantic and memorable time together, Queen’s Hotel, bar & kitchen is utter perfection. Offering an elegant luxury, bathed in an unforgettable atmosphere and created especially for those celebrating their love for each other. Take a look at our Honeymoon Package or send us a mail for a tailor made package.

Experience package

On property activities to stimulate your mind, body & spirit. Working towards a healthy life and happy life. Besides our on-site activities the island has much more fun and interesting things for you to enjoy. From boat excursions to visiting the various small museums, to an exciting hiking tour. Saba has something to offer for all visitors. Take a look at our Experience Package or send us a mail for a tailor made package.